Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Ryan and Richelle's Stylized Bridal Shoot | Olympia WA Wedding Photographer

This is a shoot I've had a vision to do for a long time.  I found this location about a year ago and could just picture a table with a chandelier hanging over it... I've since then been delighted to find Vintage Ambiance who rents out not only a chandelier that perfectly fit my vision, but many amazing antique pieces of furniture/accessories (that photograph beautifully).  I organized and designed this styled bridal inspiration shoot... please enjoy!

 Richelle's hair and makeup was masterfully done by Bella by Amber... I've worked with her before at weddings and truly am an admirer of her work.  For this shoot I showed her some visionary images I had as a "feel" for the overall shoot and told her I was bringing glamour into the woods.  I let her be the artist and come up with whatever she wanted to create to fit my theme.  I didn't care if it was up or down, I just knew that if Amber did it, it would be amazing. And.... it was as you can see!

 This incredible faux bois (woodgrain) cake was created by Judy Tallant from Tallant House, Fine Sweets and Other Eats.  Yes.... I was able to taste her wedding cake and nothing on earth compares.  You're hearing this from a wedding photographer (and wedding harpist) who has had tons of wedding cake in her lifetime! 

 This one of a kind cake-topper art was created by Patricia Minish Designs with hand-cut  tinted papers and glitter made of glass imported from Germany

 Beautifully crafted cake shaped favor boxes created by Patricia Minish Designs

A big thank you to Richelle's friend, Laurin Vrona for designing and providing this lovely bouquet

Big thank you to Lori Bedwell for providing the lovely Lia Sophia jewelry for this shoot


  1. next time you do a stylized shoot I want to hold the reflector! Amazing!

  2. you are absolutely spectacular, Alicia.

  3. Richelle is a vision! Kirsten is beautiful! Ryan so handsome! And Alicia an amazing artist! Absolutely gorgeous!

  4. Beautiful photos and I absolutely LOVE "Patricia Minish Designs" hand crafted cake topper and favor boxes. Stunning!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Love this!!! So glad you got to do this! You absolutely brought glamour to the woods!